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As of now, I am using the following commands to start, kill, restart my application on ubuntu.

ps -ef | grep memcached

ps -ef | grep java

kill -9 "pid of memcached and java"

sudo nohup java -classpath mCruiseOnServer_lib/ -jar mCruiseOnServer.jar 2>&1 > mcruiseonL.log &

/usr/bin/memcached -m 128 -vvv -p 11211 -U 11211 -u ubuntu -d > memcached.log 2>&1 &

Is there a easier way to do this ?

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If you installed memcached from the software center or the standard repositories (which is highly recommended!), you can restart it using:

service memcached restart

If your java server provides an upstart script, then you should be able to use a similar command for that. If not, you could potentially write an upstart script for it to automate your commands.

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