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How change mplayer subtitle from white to yellow? Also how change subtitle font to Ubuntu-font-family ?

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You can try the following:

Edit your mplayer config file (/home/user/.mplayer/config) and add these lines:

font = "Ubuntu"
ass-font-color = "ffff0000"
ass-font-scale = "2"

Let's say you have a video named video.avi and the subtitles in the same folder eg:(home/user/Videos) named

Then to open a video with mplayer in full screen from the command line type:

cd /home/user/Videos
mplayer video.avi -sub -fs -ass

(You can change the value of "ass-font-scale" acoording to your needs.)

If you are using mplayer-gui to open the video, make sure you have SSA/ASS enable,right-click in mplayer-gui and go to Preferences.

In the tab "Subtitles & OSD" click in "SSA/ASS subtitle rendering"

enter image description here

If you want to change another option like font scaling just go to the "Font" tab.

enter image description here

(Maybe after changing some options you have to restart the mplayer-gui.)

Hope this will be helpful!


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edit ~/.mplayer/config

#put the path to the desired font

ffactor="10" #black outline
sub-bg-alpha="0" #background color ala closed captions
sub-bg-color="0" #black to white
subfont-text-scale="3.7"    #truetype font scaling
subfont-blur="1" #Slight blur

not sure about color codes, but you can play 0-255

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not work shot0001.png – uahummer Dec 14 '12 at 0:25

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