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I want to see what Presenter Console looks like while I design my slide-notes in Libreoffice Impress for my talks. I'm working on a single-monitor system but Presenter Console can only be enabled (Slide Show → Settings) when a second monitor is present.

Is there a way to show (only) Presenter Console on a single monitor?

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I've been looking for a way to do the same thing.

While still quite clumsy, this is the simplest method I have found so far:

You will need to install Xephyr (which lets you start an X server in a window) and a light window manager like xfwm4:

sudo apt-get install Xephyr xfwm4

Then start up Xephyr with two screens:

Xephyr +xinerama -screen 800x600 -origin 800x0 -screen 800x600 :1 &

Then start a window manager on the new server:

DISPLAY=:1 xfwm4 &

Then start impress:

DISPLAY=:1 libreoffice --impress &

I wish it weren't this complicated. Having an option in Impress to view the console on a single monitor setup would be very useful when practicing presentations.

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That this is the solution is pretty insane. – Andreas Mueller Jul 13 at 15:13

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