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Once my laptop was fallen and the wi-fi broke, lead her to repairing and when they returned me already it had wi-fi again, but I realized that it did not have sound. In sound configuration it could not raise him, to know if it was a problem of the horns I connected a few headphones and neither it was listened. Because of it I knew that it was a problem of the software, and another problem that I saw, it was that the video player was going too rapidly as if it was advancing him. Where it leads her to arranging they say that they did not touch anything of software, alone they repaired the device of the wi-fi. How I can fix it?

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This is an annoying bug that I haven't found any long term fix for; thankfully it is pretty easy to manage. When you notice the video start to move fast without sound, open the Terminal and run:

$ pulseaudio -k

Reload whatever it is you're trying to watch and everything should work.

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