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I'm using native-zfs and was wondering if there is a way to use a ZFS partition for SWAP. I'm running my server off of a thumbdrive and thought that would be a good way to speed it up a little bit.

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Using ZFS for swap should just work, just like it does under Solaris and FreeBSD.

zfs create pool/swap -V 1G -b 4K
mkswap -f /dev/pool/swap
swapon /dev/pool/swap
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Swap partitions have to be in a particular format that is suited for swapping, so you cannot use any other file system for swap. This rules out zfs for this reason.

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ZFS is more than a file system, it is also a volume manager that can provide raw devices (zvols). – jlliagre Dec 12 '12 at 7:23

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