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On Ubuntu 12.04 I have my Laptop connected to and part of a batman network. So my Laptop is meshing with the net. The script I used is this

How can I install a bridge, that will allow another host laptop to get internet through my Laptop?

I tried this:

service network-manager stop

batctl if add eth0
apt-get install bridge-utils

I added this in /etc/network/interfaces

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
    bridge_ports eth0
    bridge_fd 5
    bridge_stp no

then ifconfig sais

br0 Link encap:Ethernet Hardware Adresse 00:a0:d1:a9:db:da 
rubo78: inet Adresse: Bcast: Maske:

bat0 Link encap:Ethernet Hardware Adresse 6e:8a:8f:f2:82:e3 
inet Adresse: Bcast: Maske:

ifup br0

batctl if

eth0: active
wlan0: active

but I get no network on the host

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This works:

main commands:

  ifconfig bat0 up promisc


  ifconfig eth0 up promisc

  brctl addbr br-freifunk
  brctl addif br-freifunk bat0
  brctl addif br-freifunk eth0


  dhclient br-freifunk

and to stop it:

  brctl delif br-freifunk bat0
  brctl delif br-freifunk eth0
  brctl delbr br-freifunk

  ifconfig br-freifunk down
  ifconfig bat0 down -promisc
  ifconfig eth0 down -promisc

  batctl if del $IFACE
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