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i have created a dual boot (both OS are Kubuntu 12.10 and both with encrypted home don't ask me why, i just wanted to try the pre-boot authentication of Grub2) and i've created a partition table like this:

/dev/sda1 /boot

/dev/sda2 /root Kubuntu1

/dev/sda3 /root Kubuntu2

and installed Grub2 in /boot partition. Then I've modified Grub2 40_custom adding superuser and 2 users (one for the kubuntu1 and one for kubuntu2) as shown in this guide:


in order to boot with preboot password BUT only super user and kubuntu1 users works. When i try to enter the second user it says:

"Access denied: Loading the default entries and list failed"

Any suggestions about that?

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