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I have a running log, it outputs a lot to the terminal. Unfortunately, when I try to scroll up and view older output, it appears there is a limit. And I am unable to scroll past a certain point. On the Mac, the terminal allows you to scroll up to the start of the session. Is there a way to do this in ubuntu terminal?

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konsole, the terminal program from KDE, has a setting to control the number of "scrollback" lines it remembers, including Unlimited setting. I suppose Gnome terminal should have something similar but I can't check at the moment. – Sergey Dec 11 '12 at 0:57
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Go to Edit -> Profile Preference -> Scrolling Tab

Now just tick the Unlimited box below Scrollback.

You will now be able to see your entire output.

enter image description here

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@JohnMerlino If the answer was useful to you, Consider upvoting the answer – Hashken Dec 11 '12 at 2:16
where find Edit option.??? – vineet sah May 31 at 6:09
In your Menubar – Hashken Jun 1 at 6:53

Supposedly Gnome terminal has an option for that, please check Edit->Profiles->Default->Edit->Scrolling->Scrollback

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Since the question is now over three years old, I just want to post an update:

In Ubuntu 15.10 it is pretty similar to the accepted answer, there it looks the following:

  • Go to Edit -> Profile Preference -> Scrolling Tab.

  • Untick the box beside "Limit scrollback to:".

Disable "Limit scrollback to:"

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