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I currently have a Ubuntu 12.04 server booting off a USB stick and running a raid 0 configuration with 2x 2TB drives.

I would now like to add an additional stand alone drive (not as part of the raid). When I add the drive to the server and reboot I get an error indicating that my raid is degraded. Is this configuration possible with an existing software raid?

One more note: the 2 x 2TB drives are 6gb sata drives that show as sata in the bios the new drive is a 1TB drive and it shows as scsi in the bios. Not sure if this matters but I have seen forum post indicating that ide / sata mixes with raid do not work.

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Does the new drive have leftover raid signatures from previous use? Check with sudo mdadm -E /dev/sdX. –  psusi Dec 10 '12 at 18:52

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