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I could use some help. I have no Idea what is wrong:

I have an Ubuntu 12.04 Server with Samba set up. I have an Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop, an Ubuntu 12.10 Laptop and a Windows 8 Surface Tablet.

A) The Laptop or Desktop try to copy a file of any size and type to the server via samba -> grey window (freeze) which recovers after a few seconds yet reports "timeout". A file is created at the destination (size= 0 bytes). The Copy window progress bar never moves beyond 0 bytes. This is easily reproducible.

B) The Windows 8 PC can copy files to the Samba Share on my Ubuntu 12.04 Server without problems.

C) The Ubuntu 12.10 PCs can copy files to each other without problems

I upgraded my Server to 12.10.. still no luck. Problem persists. This is really annoying since everything used to work and I have no clue why it doesn't work anymore.

I would really appreciate any help.

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