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The standart use of OVS is to connect host adapters with OVS and connect OVS with virtual machines adapters. But I want to use OVS as a layer between host and host's adapters. I didn't find anything about this way of OVS use. Can anybody explain how to do that or provide some links?

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It was simple. Firstly just add bridge:

ovs-vsctl add-br br0

Then add port with your default internet interface (in my case it's eth0):

ovs-vsctl add-port eth0

Your internet connection will be lost. Then remove IP from default interface (remember previous IP!):

ifconfig eth0

Then put IP that you remembered on br0:

ifconfig br0

if you use static IP-addressing or use

dhclient br0

if you use DHCP.

That's all!

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