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I have acquired a second hand Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) that I have refurbished (new battery) and hope to use with my Ubuntu 12.10 system. It's a SOLA 330 with serial out.

I have installed NUT Metapackage and NUT Monitor from Software Centre, but am not sure how to go about setting it all up. A Google search brings up several ways of configuring Network UPS Tools (NUT) or HAL-Drivers, however, HAL-Drivers appears to be obsolete and many commands and config files mentioned to edit do not exist in 12.10 or the current version of NUT (most articles are a few years old). One tutorial seemed to work except the Error: no UPS definitions found in ups.conf even though ups.conf has values in it as laid out in the tutorial.

How do I go about setting my system to monitor the UPS for a shut down signal? Also, is there a command to determine the UPS is communicating through the serial connection and on what port (to help with setup and configuring, eg. /dev/ttyS0 is mentioned in one of the tutorials I read).

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Found some very helpful sites that got me going. The one I found most helpful was on ( I Initially set everything up verbatim as per the example except my system keeps it's config files in /etc/nut (instead of /etc/ups). Also, ( helped me select the correct driver name for my UPS model. After making the necessary changes in the config files I had to use the command service nut start (instead of service ups start) to start the daemon. I found most of the other commands didn't work, however after a restart Nut Monitor now detects the UPS Daemon running and displays it's details!

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