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I'm trying to use some test scenarios from Linux test Project and get the Kernel source code coverage.

I'm using GCOV/LCOV to do so.

here are the things I have so far:

GCOV flags in the build config

GCOV-based kernel profiling



On Linux kernel version:

After building the kernel I have all the .gcov files in the source folder
GCOV/LCOV works when I use a source file as the input

Things that I should have but I don't

/Proc/GCOV folder
GCOV Kernel Module (gcov.o?)

Now what I want is to run the test scenarios and with LCOV get which portion of Linux Kernel Code has been used so far. but when I call LCOV -c this is what I get even though all the build flags are ok.

Loading required gcov kernel module.

lcov: ERROR: cannot load required gcov kernel module!

There is a kernel patch for < 2.6.30 and afterwards it is built in.

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