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When I do press my CTRL-key it seems to lock in the pressed state, even after releasing it. Symptoms of this are for example that if I press CTRL, release it and scroll in my browser window the size of the text changes. After the combination is triggered CTRL is immediatly released.

It happenend to me only since Ubuntu 12.10. My Dual Boot Windows does not have this problem, so it seems to be an Ubuntu issue.

How do I change this? CTRL should lose it's function instantly when I release it.

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This sounds like sticky keys got turned on.

To check open 'System Settings' enter image description here
Then open 'Universal Access' enter image description here
Switch to the 'Typing' tab and turn 'Sticky Keys' off (if its on) enter image description here

Hopefully this will fix your problem.

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Thank you ! you are my today's hero, it worked for me, I just wonder how it started acting like this just recently? I have had this ubuntu machine since 2 years ago. (been upgrading since 11.10) – Medya Mar 15 '13 at 17:19
@Medya In Windows if you press <shift> 5 times it will activate sticky keys. It may be the same in Ubuntu. – Seth Mar 15 '13 at 22:10

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