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I know the way to install both, I managed to get both working as it should, now im asking, Which is better ? as for your experience is there a different between Nvidia-Experimental-310 from Repo and the Binary installation from Nvidia Website ?

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There is no difference in actual performance, but from a package managing point of view the repositories are best. That way the package you install is registered with apt (the package manager) which allows easy updating and removal, and takes care of dependencies. Installing from a .run file (nvidia website) does not have these advantages; removing it might not be trivial.


You can convert the .run file to a .deb (the file format apt works with) by following the steps in How can I convert the Nvidia driver installer into a deb?. That is also how the driver gets into the repository in the first place. You would for instance do this if there is a new driver on the nvidia website which is not yet in the repositories, and you can't wait.

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