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I want to set up a server where multiple users can be logged in at the same time and do development and heavy builds instead of building on laptops. I've set up a 10.04 Lucid computer running FreeNX. The clients are also running 10.04 with the NoMachine NX client.

It works great, but for one thing - it's a requirement that every user connects to an external VPN using their own credentials. When the second user logs in, the connection set up by the first user is shared, including the VPN connection. This happens while quick switching to another user as well, so it's not directly related to NX. The network manager icon is missing on the second user's desktop, which seems to be a known issue, but I doubt it would help if it was there since the connection is shared anyway.

Is there any way for multiple simultaneously logged in users to use the same connection, and still use their own VPN credentials? Do I need to step away from the network manager and configure this setup manually somehow? I would prefer to use FreeNX, but if the current setup will not work, is virtualization an option?

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