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I'm trying to mount a Windows share in Ubuntu 12.10 and Pinguy 12.04 with Nautilus. I'm getting the typical "Could not display "smb://" error message.

The share's name is Groups, I've typed in Location (ctrl+L) "smb://". You can see that the error message says "smb://" without the uppercase "G".

I've created a new share in the same server, same location, same permissions with all name in lowercase. This works fine.

The problem is the first uppercase letter in the sharename. I've the same problem in other server than can't change share names. This is a Ubuntu related problem, because the shares works well with the rest of the network systems.

There are an option in Nautilus to ignore uppercase letters in share names?

I'm trying to migrate all Windows stations to Ubuntu, but need this problem resolved.

Thank you in advance.

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why not try mounting into your filesystem? It is a more direct approach, and will give you more flexibility and convenience than having to type smb:: in nautilus every time. So in a terminal write

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
sudo mkdir /media/groups
sudo mount -t cifs 'smb://' -o username=*,password=*,uid=1000 /media/groups

Then your samba share will be accessible in /media/groups. (To undo use sudo umount /media/groups.)

Substitute your own username and password for * obviously. Or if you have no username and password you can use username=guest.

You can make this permanent, i.e. persists after a reboot, by adding to your /etc/fstab. Something like

smb://    /media/groups   cifs    username=*,password=*,noperm,guid=117,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,iocharset=utf8   0   0


(if all fails, ensure at least you can reach the target machine using ping

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