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I have a scanned image, and it's in Corel Draw (.cdr) format (~6mb). Is there a way to open it, or convert it to something that I can manage? I tried a few times, but it didn't work due to some timeout error. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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You should try sk1 (Download link). – Alaukik Jan 23 '11 at 13:51
Try opening .cdr files with Inkscape. – Vikrant Chaudhary May 28 '12 at 12:40
it opened in LibreOffice Draw 4.0.3 :) – user167139 Jun 14 '13 at 9:22

Another option is to try imagemagick convert utility,Imagemagic can be easily installed using software center or synaptic.

Since the document is scanned it should be a bitmap which imagemagick can handle, only the version of the .cdr would be a concern, you did not mention the version of the cdr file so you may just try imagemagick, at your terminal in the directory where the .cdr file is located, run the convert utility like this;

convert image.cdr image.png

this will convert the .cdr image called image.cdr to a .png image called image.png file that you can easily use, probably vectorize by tracing in inkscape if you wish.

See the imagemagic documentation on the convert utility if more control over the output is needed. hope the output is satisfactory.

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In order to work with CDR images you need to install some delegates for ImageMagick. In order to convert CDR files you need to install uniconvertor for CDR delegate:

sudo apt-get install python-uniconvertor

List of all delegates:

convert -list delegate

By default it outputs:

cdr =>          "uniconvertor" "%i" "%o.svg"; mv "%o.svg" "%o"

Then run:

convert image.cdr -flatten -thumbnail '512x512' image.png

Or with zoom cropping:

convert image.cdr -flatten -thumbnail '512x512^' -gravity center -crop 512x512+0+0 +repage image.png

I convert to .png here, but you may choose your own output format.

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