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Are there any desktop applications for uploading video to youtube?

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Why not just use upload.youtube.com/my_videos_upload –  dv3500ea Jan 21 '11 at 14:33

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Try using googleclInstall googlecl , this tool provides a user-friendly command-line interface to some of the Google Data Protocol (gdata) APIs.

You can nicely upload a video to YouTube from the command line with the command:

google youtube post --category Education --devtags GoogleCL test.mp4

This will upload the video test.mp4 to your YouTube (the one you granted GoogleCL access to) account, in the Education category. This is a simple test, so click the links below for some useful guides.



See this link below for a script that uses zenity to give you a little GUI.


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Shotwell ( Installed by default )

Publish photos and videos to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, and YouTube.

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Try the firefox extension Fireuploader, works like a charm ;)


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