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I used Xubuntu from 5.04 to 10.04, always using the LTS updates or the minor updates. Meanwhile my user dictionairies grew.

Now I have a new machine with a fresh install, and didn't wanted to clone the system, and perform more updates, but made a fresh install.

I'm partly copying the data from the old system to the new, and want to find most dictionaries, but it starts with me not being sure, which program uses such.

Probably these programs are affected:

  • firefox + thunderbird (no other browser/mailer in use)
  • OpenOffice (not in use: Libre Office or other Office suites)
  • eclipse (on other IDE)
  • gedit (no other editor)
  • postgresql (only database)

I mention postgresql because I know it has a dictionary, but I don't think I added something here.

So far, I only found ~/.mozilla/firefox/kk99xy23.default/persdict.dat

Do you know where I can find the other ones, and which exist at all? Did I probably forget a popular one?

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