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I changed the systemwide ambiance theme a bit (specifically the scrollbar css), and this works fine in gtk apps, but in kde apps nothing has changed. They still have the vanilla ambiance look. I tried rebooting too.

Btw I've disabled overlay scrollbars.

I looked at this question: Why don't Qt4 apps in Lubuntu pick up the GTK theme? and tried setting the Gtk+ theme in qtconfig but that didn't help. The look remains the same. Changing the theme in qtconfig to another one, such as QtCurve, does have an effect though.

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Since QT and GTK are two distinct toolkits to create GUIs, what applies to the first doesn't necessarily apply to the last, and vice versa. GTK+ themes apply to applications that are built using the GTK+ toolkit, and the QT themes apply only to apps built using the QT framework. Unless an application is compatible with GTK, it won't adopt a GTK theme. What qtconfig does is imitate GTK themes in the QT framework.It still can't apply properly the GTK theme to a QT item. As for why it didn't work, are you sure you have the proper qtconfig? There are two, one for QT 3 and another for Qt 4. for KDE 4 apps you need the latter. I've changed the QT themes from qtconfig to GTK+ and they did change but they still look fake and don't have the GTK touch to them.

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