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I recently downloaded CrashPlan for my laptop running 12.04. It installed a shortcut to the desktop to the GUI which is pointing at /usr/local/crashplan/bin/CrashPlanDesktop (a shell script). This is all good and well, but I would rather remove the icon and be able to launch it by pressing the super key and searching for "crash" so that I don't have to keep the icon on my desktop. However, it doesn't show up in the results.

Why is this? And is there to make it appear in the search results?

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So you want to get an app into the launcher. What you need to do for this is to create what is called a desktop file. Here's what you need to do.

1) Open up your favorite text editor, and copy the following into it:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment="Some description of what this does"

You should replace the /path/to/some/icon with the full path to whatever you want to be this things icon or you can remove that line if you don't care.

2) Save this file as /home/[username]/.local/share/applications/crashplan.desktop.

Now, if you did this right, CrashPlan should appear in your dash with the icon you chose.

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