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So, i installed ubuntu 12.10 in windows 7 and everything was running fine, i configured some stuff, installed some programs and registered to ubuntu one. nothing major.

today though i tried signing in my ubuntu boot. Whenever i try to log in to my user i get redirected to a black screeen, then back to the loginscreen If i log in using the Guest account everything works fine. I could even edit the profile of my user after entering the password (in fact i removed the password, and now i can't edit the profile again cause it keeps asking for a password) If i press Ctrl Alt F1 during login screen i started up the terminal. From there i can log in to my account. Now,

My computer has the following partitions:

100MB system reserve (reserved by win 7)
168GB C: Windows & Ubuntu
762GB O: Data

I have realised that during the log in screen terminal i cannot find the Data drive under /media/mangusbrother/ the folder is just empty.

Tell me if i can do something to maybe give you more information. i'm really at a loss at what to do here and i'd prefer to not reinstall the whole OS again.

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Please refer to my previous answer here - check if anything works. –  SiddharthaRT Dec 5 '12 at 20:14
the solutions weren't working themselves. ended up having to reinstall. –  mangusbrother Dec 6 '12 at 20:10