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How can I implement a jabber chat server on ubuntu with clients on windows?

Server part is almost installed as per jabber and Ubuntu guide how to create users account and authenticate them using mysql.

How are clients enabled and configured to authenticate and join on the server. Does anything need to be done for the DNS part?

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Since your question is related to the windows clients install and setup on windows I am not sure there is much we can help you with here. That will depend on the client application being used and the with the Windows platform. – João Pinto Jan 21 '11 at 12:22
Might be a better question for since you aren't really asking about Ubuntu so much as cross-platform Jabber setup. – djeikyb Feb 5 '11 at 0:15

Hey friend, I use Iptux for chatting on my home LAN. Setup is quite simple. Merely install the client on each desktop (no server software needed the clients detect each other.) Iptux also includes file sharing capabilities.

On the ubuntu / debian based linux client machines use sudo apt-get install iptux (appears to have been in the "universe" repositories since karmic)

On the windows client machines install ipmsg.exe (Iptux is a linux version of the windows ipmsg client or maybe the other way around.)

Also, be sure to open port 2425 on the firewall of each machine (and router if necessary) as that is the port that iptux / ipmsg uses.

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The best way implementing LAN jabber chat server is with Openfire server, it is simplest jabber server that can be configured on web interface very easily. It depends on sun java so here is simple tutorial with picture how to install Openfire and java to work on 12.04:

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IPtux has a considerably better interface than ipmsg. The latter doesn't show the conversation, only individual messages. Both suffer from splitting into three windows, when on big window would be better, and toolbars please.

Works OK though, Ubuntu 11.10 - Ubuntu, Ubuntu - Win XP.

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