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Okay so I am trying to set up an ssh server on my laptop and connect to the server using my friend's laptop. I installed openssh and set up the server and i was able to connect to it locally without a problem. However when i tried to connect to the server from my friend's laptop, I get the "no route to host" error.

I am also not able to ping to my ip address from his machine nor am i able to ping his ip address from my machine. Then I realised that because my college uses a proxy server so that might be causing some problem. So I looked up some solutions online and changed my port to 443 and did some other stuff on the client side, but it did not really help. I am trying to connect to the server using this commad:

ssh vivek@ is my ip, my friend's ip address is from ifconfig. I have tweaked the sshd_config and the ssh_config files on the server and client side respectively to listen to port 443 and i confirmed it using nmap. I am a total noob with all this and I am just picking up with ssh, so guys please bear with me and let me know if I am missing out any details or where did i go wrong.

Both of us are on Ubuntu 11.10 by the way.

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Looks like your friend is not in the same subnet as you or server. Please provide the outputs of "ifconfig" on both machines, yours and your friend's. Also the output of "echo $HTTP_PROXY" You can use pastebin.com for it. I will edit and update the answer once I have more information. Cheers! :). –  gmjain Dec 5 '12 at 19:02
Thanks for the quick reply @gmjain Here is the ifconfig output for me and my friend echo $http_proxy gives me a blank output in both cases, however we both have set an automatic proxy configuration url and it is not manual. –  Vivek Pradhan Dec 6 '12 at 4:45
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