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I recently installed KDE with the command sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.

Now whenever I log into Unity I can see KDE-related services running in the background and I see no obvious way to prevent them from opening at startup. I checked bum but I see nothing there.

These are the services I see running right now:

kde4 klauncher knotify4

These ones I can identify as being related to KDE given their names, but there could be more.

How can I prevent these services from launching by themselves?

I should mention I often use KDE applications such as kate, okular and kile. Could these be responsible for opening those services?

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I have the same issue and I have uninstalled KDE so lets hope for an answer to this issue. Because it seems to me the start-up process is never cleaned, or isn't cleaned well enough. – Goddard Dec 7 '12 at 20:09

You need to utilize "startup services" to disable those specific processes.

See this link for more information What's the recommended way to enable / disable services?

It gives you some options as "how to".

Go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications. Un-check things which you want to disable on startup.

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No, this is not correct. Only a few services are shown here and the ones presumably left over from the KDE install do not show (nor do many others not related to KDE; this app is in fact quite simplistic and borderline useless for any need semi-advanced) – Gabriel Dec 9 '12 at 21:32
Thank you for the link tough, it looks like it has some very useful info. – Gabriel Dec 9 '12 at 21:33

Yes, KDE applications such as the ones you mentioned do require kde related processes to run. Unfortunately there is no way to stop these processes from running

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You could try something like:

sudo update-rc.d -f insertnameofservice remove

See also How-To: Managing services with update-rc.d

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This looks like the right direction. How do you see all of the services running or started? – Goddard Dec 12 '12 at 3:02
Do you mean the services running right now? Alt+F2 and "gnome-system-monitor" or "htop" for the terminal list all running services. – Christoph Stich Dec 15 '12 at 8:10

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