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My incredibly tech smart girlfriend took control of the cockpit and closed (like in close arrow) my virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.10. When I restarted, my 'Documents' folder in 'Home' was missing.

How do I recover it?

Thank you

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Ok, found it. :

To create a new Documents folder

Open home folder > right click > new folder. Name it Documents

If the icon is incorrect then right click on the new Documents folder > properties. Click on the folder icon, this will bring up a select custom icon window.

Browse to File System > usr > share > icons > Humanity > places > 48 & select the 1st folder_documents.svg. This should restore the icon to your Downloads folder

Then gedit ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs or browse to file. You'll see this line -


edit it to this & save. Then log out/in

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