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I have used Ubuntu before on my previous laptop, after getting a new laptop I would like to install Ubuntu onto it, but I'm running into some major issues.

Firstly when I put the boot disk in it loads up fine until it gets to the try ubuntu / install ubuntu menu, at this point it freezes. After about 20 minutes or so the screen goes black and the line below keeps reappearing:

sd 2:0:0:0: > [sdb] asking for cache data failed 
sd 2:0:0:0: > [sdb] assuming drive cache write though 

It will repeat to print these messages over and over. When I take out the installation disk and reboot my laptop to start Windows 7, it says this:

no partition exists
grub rescue

This is really aggravating as my laptop is now unusable till this is fixed. Please help me!

thanks =)

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