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I've been using Ubuntu half a year now and I want to know how to diagnose an app for problems.

I have installed Torchlight using Crossover and it used to work but now all I can see is the mouse pointer when I start the app, I want to know why it happens and what I can do to fix it.

Please make your answer applicable to any CrossOver application.

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  • Check if the dependencies are still active (looks like it needs Visual Basic 2008+ for Torchlight to run).
  • If possible start the application through command line and watch for errors.
  • Crossover has an option in the start menu to set logging in the 'Run...' command. Here is a tutorial from before Unity (so skip the 1st part). They show here how to set logging for IE6 and similar to that you could try it for Torchlight.
  • I would also suggest their forums. It is more than likely the people that know what to do can be found there.
  • There is also a separate page for Linux that might be interesting.
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