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I'm trying to set my first steps with Linux by installing Lubuntu 12.10 on an old desktop computer, that I first completely formatted, so there's no other OS or data to worry about. It has 128mb ram so I used the alternate installer (through cd). I think the installation was successful until the point where it said "it's now time to take out the install-cd and reboot from C". When I boot the computer now it shows first a splashscreen with Lubuntu and 5 blue dots after that I get a screen with :

  • checking battery state ... [ok]
  • stopping system V runlevel compatibility [ok]
  • starting [ok]

This is blinking on and off every 8 seconds or so.

I also tried to boot in the recovery mode, in the list with messages that appears, it pauses a while on the following : ATA2: SRST FAILED (errno=-16) Not sure if it is related.

Searches for that 2nd message of the three from the 1st list suggested 'something' with the graphical card/drivers, but I couldn't really find a case that was similar enough.

Is there someone who knows what is going on, what I could try to get Lubuntu started and who can explain that to me in not too complicated words? I'm completely new to Ubuntu and Linux.

Thanks a lot!

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Can you boot a live session with the Lubuntu disc. –  CoalaWeb Dec 4 '12 at 19:39
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