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I want to buy a laptop for basic Java programing/learning, and I want to buy a cheep one but not too weak.

That's why I want to benchmark it in some way. By default that laptop comes with DOS and I don't think that anyone will allow me to play with operating systems in the store :). That's why I'm thinking of Ubuntu's "try" option. Moreover Ubuntu will be an OS for laptop's owner. And I prefer benchmarking tools that work on JVM as its functionality is the main concern. I've came over a next tool: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opt/?source=dlp

I remember that you need to install java manually on the Ubuntu, so do I have any chance of the next strategy:

  1. Go into store
  2. Insert CD with Ubuntu into a laptop
  3. Run the Ubuntu from CD
  4. Launch java benchmarker (from external flash drive for example)
  5. Receive benchmarks and decide on whether I want to by a laptop
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