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So I have absolutely never used Ubuntu before. Shortly before Windows 8 release Valve started investing in making Steam for Linux and peaked my interest in giving a Linux OS a shot. I've installed 12.10 onto my boot SSD using the Windows Installer, but whenever I reboot and choose Ubuntu I get a purple screen some flickering, then it just freezes there. I assume I need to adjust something with my graphics drivers (GTX 680) to get into Ubuntu and install updates. I've tried to piece together the idea across a couple different places and understand I need to edit the boot string from quiet to noquiet, splash to nosplash, and add nomodeset to possibly get this to work. Things is I have no clue where to get there. Was hoping someone can hold my hand through this for a complete Ubuntu noob at the moment. Thanks for any help!

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This question isn't a good fit here, there are too many parts and it is too broad. You are better off installing Ubuntu alongside Windows (instead of a wubi install, like you mention). Your best bet is to just use the search function here, read up on what to do, and maybe try the chat room for some quick answers. Good luck. –  Tom Brossman Dec 4 '12 at 9:48
Thanks, just kind of throwing darts at the board looking for where to go. I'll continue searching. –  Andrew Dec 4 '12 at 19:31
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