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I tried installing Ubuntu 12.04 from the live CD. The install went fine but i had the next error while booting :

Grub stage 1.5 error 2.

So I used boot-repair as explained here. Still not working, i got this while booting :

GNU GRUB version 1.99-21ubuntu3

Minimal bash-like line editing is supported.

etc.. Nothing more.

Here the report from boot-repair.

Could anyone help me ?

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For one it sounds like it's a fresh install so in that case try reinstalling ubuntu. Now the other thing I noticed your running GRUB 1.99, by default I believe 12.04 installs GRUB 2 so if you have manually changed GRUB that would likely be your issue or perhaps you installed the wrong version when doing the boot-repair. In any case try a reinstall.

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