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I need to install a bin file.

My home dir is /home/user.
The bin file is present at /apps/ba/software.
I need to install this at /apps/ba/ins.

How can I do that?

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When you say "install a bin file", do you mean that you have a .deb installation file? Or do you mean that you want to copy the executable file to /apps/ba/ins and add it to your path? Or something else? (This is an unusual request; you are encouraged to use the package manager to install applications. The package manager prevents conflicts, automatically installs dependencies, automatically updates packages, and lets you uninstall very easily.) – Paddy Landau Dec 9 '12 at 16:17

Generally, you could add args: --prefix=dir if you compile source code to install your software, but if you install it with the apt-get command you can not specify the install location.

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If you are installing from source, try ./configure --prefix=/apps/ba/ins && make && make install If you are installing via apt best way is to create a symlink:

ln -s  /apps/ba/ins /apps/ba/software
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