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Can someone direct me to an existing discussion, if there is one, about how to install the right aspect ratio or screen resolution on my Dell Mini 9 now that I have Ubuntu 12.04? All the discussions I see are for other hardware. I am not so surefooted with terminal commands in general, though I was able to install the OS, so I am not terrible either. But what I have found is that if it's not for my machine, it won't work. The only option I have now is 800x600. I don't so much care about the resolution sharpness as the aspect ratio, which is too wide (that is, everything looks wide). thanks!

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This should install the drivers for your GPU, which is Intel Integrated(?) Type this into terminal:

    sudo su
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get install mesa-utils

Then you should be able to set the resolution in Settings > Displays

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