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My graphics card is not being recognized. I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and have the switchable AMD ATI 6620G and 6600M. I have downloaded the proprietary driver (AMD Catalyst 12.10 and 12.11) both are not installing giving me a error message saying "one or more of the reqired tools not found. Optionally you can force using --force. This is not recommended it can make your 3d acceleration unstable" and recently my computer does not start all it does is give me a message saying "running in low graphics settings" and I cannot proceed using the enter key so I'm forced to manually restart.

I'm horribly frustrated and am coming from using Windows my entire life and minimal use of command prompt.

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The following link is easy to follow and should fix your problems :)

I also have the same computer, the issue is that hybrid graphics are not very well supported at the moment. So you chose a hard computer to come over to ubuntu.

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