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My Xubuntu 12.10 won't boot into desktop on XPS L502x after today's update and reboot (newer version of linux kernel included).

When I installed Xubuntu 12.10 on this XPS L502x, I got the same problem -- the login screen won't show, but I can Ctrl+Alt+F1 to login to the console. Afterwards, I installed bumblebee, which solved the problem.

However, now the problem comes back again. Although I can still login to a console and type startx to get a desktop environment, there are some desktop customizations and settings missing in this environment. I tried to start with the former version of Linux kernel but it didn't help.

Anyone else who has ever met this problem?

Additional info:

Every time I start the desktop environment using startx, I will get a crash report from the notification area, saying that xorg has crashed.

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Sounds like a driver problem for sure - if you can go back to the drivers you were using before installing bumblebee, might help?

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