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Two users on the LAN running empathy can see each other under 'People Nearby' (telepathy-salut implementing link-local XMPP protocol). Is there a chat program in Windows that can see ubuntu users on a LAN running empathy only? I would really not like to set up a Jabber LAN server.

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I did install the latest stable version of Pidgin on Windows. Use the Bonjour protocol. When you try to connect you'll be prompted with help and a suggestion to visit a wiki help page of Pidgin related to Bonjour. If you don't find it, then visit this link.

I've made a local wireless network between an Ubuntu 12.10 system and a Windows 7 system. The Windows 7 system I installed Bonjour on so that the link-local XMPP thing would work.

I sent a message from Ubuntu to the Windows 7 computer. The Windows 7 computer was 32-bit so I didn't need to do the extra steps necessary if my Windows was 64-bit. A reply was sent from Windows 7 to Ubuntu and it went through just fine.

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thanks mate. I went ahead and installed openfire (jabber server) and its working fine... i'll look into pidgin and bonjour when i get a chance. – koogee Mar 5 '13 at 20:15

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