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I need to rescue my 12.04 installation from a serious disk corruption (symptoms are root file system reports that it's full even though several gigs are available and there is no visible file or files to delete). I also want to be sure this never happens again. I'm convinced LVM is the tool I need to do that.

So my plan is to boot from a USB, archive the root file system (fsarchiver), re-format the raid array, restore the file system, then install LVM into the restored file system, update GRUB and reboot.

The problem is that LVM does not exist on the Live CD and the alternate CD doesn't have a terminal I'm familiar with.

So the questions are A: does my plan sound valid? And, how should I get or build a boot image that will be able to see my Raid array and allow me to install LVM?

Thanx to all,


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