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I'm creating an app under Ubuntu 12.04 and using libappindicator and Vala. I want to use a symbolic icon, to ensure that the colors are adapted to the background in the status bar. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make it work. I installed my icons (which uses the BEBEBE key color) and they are shown, but the color is BEBEBE, not white or black like the other icons.

I also tried to put an icon that I was sure to be symbolic (audio-volume-high-symbolic) but, again, it's shown with the original colors, instead of them being replaced by the current FG color.

I used both set_icon and set_icon_full methods, but none of them worked :(

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Not sure what you mean by symbolic icon.

If you find that your icon does not match the colour scheme of your current theme, then you need to add icons to the relevant directory under /usr/share/icons and then run from the terminal sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark for example.

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