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After upgrading from Kubuntu 12.04 to Kubuntu 12.10, I have a peculiar and very specific font problem. My default font all along has been Ubuntu 11. Now it shows up as bolded -- that is, Ubuntu Bold 11 and Ubuntu Regular 11 look exactly the same. I don't see this for any other size of the Ubuntu font--for Ubuntu 10 and Ubuntu 12, for instance, the regular font is thinner than the bold font, as it should be.

I've reinstalled the ttf-ubuntu-font-family package, but that hasn't made any difference.

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Perhaps Kubuntu use their own package for Ubuntu font now ...
Download correct files from Ubuntu Font Family, remove broken packages, and reinstall.

Other version that's some theme in your Kubuntu installation has regular font style and disabled interface logic related to change this style.
If yes, then I think near future they planned to fix this. Not exactly, subjectively.

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