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i have by mistake removed important graphical desktop packages.
due to some bug or error i cannot switch to latin letters, so cannot login, because cannot write user name (and password), if i go to recovery root, also same situation, i cannot write any command. (if i try alt+shift, and several other shortcuts, they do not work).
i would fix the installed system, it is ubuntu 12.04, with live usb flash drive of ubuntu 12.04. how to do it?

(incorrect console keymap was before deleting desktop, and then i managed to get us keymap temporarily, before next reboot, with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data").

i think i need to fix it with live usb flash drive. but may be just a correct shortcut to change keymap is enough...

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now i have found a solution. created file with name 123 and have written in it : sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data. also 1234 and in it: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration . then chmod u+x that files. then logged in to recovery root shell, runned them, but file system is read only , and the commands do not work. –  qdinar Dec 1 '12 at 12:38

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