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I just bought an HP desktop, p6-2326s, which has windows 8 installed. I have tried booting a Ubuntu live disc but the machine won't boot it. When I bring up the UEFI boot menu it offers a selection of UEFI BOOT SOURCES, windows boot manager, dvd drive, IP4 Ethernet controller, or IP6 Ethernet controller. If I select the dvd drive with the CD in it I get the message "Secure boot violation, Invalid structure detected. Check secure boot policy in setup." With all other selections it just boots into windows. So where do I go from here?

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Disable secure boot in your bios. This will prevent the system from preventing you from running the installer. In the future, versions of GNU/Linux (including Ubuntu) will have workarounds for this feature. For now, complain to Microsoft.

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Which version of Ubuntu have you tried ?

I think Ubuntu 12.10 64bit supports UEFI mode and secure boot out of the box.

Here is a similar question-answer : 12.10 UEFI Secure Boot install

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  1. With SecureBoot enabled computers, you need to use Ubuntu-Secure-Remix-64bit (or Ubuntu12.10 64bit)

  2. If the error persists, disable SecureBoot in your firmware as described here: , and try again.

  3. Once you can boot the Ubuntu disk, install Ubuntu and use Boot-Repair's Recommended Repair as described in the first paragraph of

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