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I have had Ubuntu for awhile now and haven't had any real issues until recently. About 1-2 months ago I started having booting issues. On bootup, I receive a Debian screen asking for what version I want to start or do I want to start in recovery mode. This is weird because I don't have a dual/multi OS setup on my laptop. Sometimes I only have to hit enter once and then I receive the Ubuntu login screen, but most of the time, it goes into this infinite loop where that Debian screen keeps appearing and no matter what option I chose (other than recovery mode), it stays in the loop. If I chose recovery mode, it gets stuck and I am force to do a hard reboot.

Does anyone know what may be my problem? It is really making me think about going back to Windows. Some information about my laptop (Dell Latitude E640, i5 processor, 8gig ram, 120Gb SSD, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit).

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