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I recently installed windows 7 on my pc and I have been unsuccessfully trying to install ubuntu 12.04 on it. I used to have dual boot system before both with windows and linux. I changed my hard drive from ide to ahci (default option) burned the ubuntu cd properly (not the .iso file) using the ubuntu 12.04 distribution I downloaded from the official site, set boot priority to cd/dvd but.. Nothing. It tries to boot from the cd, doesn't manage and turn to boot from the hard drive. I also tried wubi. I opened it through windows, got the window that asks me to choose "demo and installation" or "more on ubuntu" (something like that), I choose the first option, reboot manually my computer and it keeps returning on windows mode and doesn't boot from the cd.

What can I do? Thanks!

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The first Wubi option does nothing. It literally is as if you rebooted the PC. So there will be no difference between that and you trying to boot from the DVD. The second option (install inside Windows - is disabled by default when Wubi is run from a CD/DVD unless you use --force-wubi), the third option (your second) will install a CD boot helper that will boot from the DVD (leave it in the tray) as if you booted it using BIOS. –  bcbc Nov 30 '12 at 22:34

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