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I have been running a MythTV frontend on my laptop for some time against a MythTV backend installed in Linux Mint 12 on another computer, and everything works fine.

Now, I'm trying out the Mythbuntu Live CD (12.04.1 32-bit) on the laptop, to turn it into a dedicated front end. It's connecting to the network just fine, and I can see my server.

When I click on the frontend icon on the desktop, it asks me for the security code, which I've verified against mythtv-setup on the server. However, when I test that code, it shows the error message "No JSON object could be decoded".

I've looked in the control center to see if there's something else I should be setting up. The message above implies to me that it can't find the server, but I can find no place in the control center to tell it where to find my myth backend, which I find a little odd. Does the live CD not work against a backend server on another machine?

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