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I hope someone can help! I bought a brand new computer (Intel® Pentium(R) CPU G2120 @ 3.10GHz × 2 with Intel® Ivybridge Desktop graphics), running Ubuntu 12.10. The graphics card has both VGA and HDMI output. My problem is that I cannot connect to my Dell monitor with only the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable goes through 'n DVI adapter into the Dell monitor. All the cable work, because last night I connected to the monitor using the HDMI via my Dell laptop (also running Ubuntu 12.10).

I have both the VGA and the HDMI plugged in simultaneously in my desktop, but this was not neccesary with my laptop. As soon as I plug the HDMI in, something happens in the monitor. As soon as I unplug the VGA, I have no signal.

I just installed mesa utils and that helped Ubuntu to detect the graphics, but it did not solve my problems.

Hope I explained enough/thoroughly?

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