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I installed Ubuntu today for the first time on a Dell desktop running Windows XP SP3. I opted to install on a second hard drive, following these instructions.

When I reboot my computer, and enter the boot sequence menu in BIOS, there isn't even an entry for my second hard drive. Every option I select just results in XP booting, and the drive is not recognizable there either, which I expected. I know the hard drive is working. I've been using it on this computer for months previous to the ubuntu install.

I tried boot repair, and it came up with this :

Boot Info Script

but did nothing to help the issue.


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I've never seen a BIOS which doesn't allow to change boot order - the second drive is seen by Boot Repair so it should be seen by BIOS. Please double check that the drive is not listed on some other screen and maybe post some snapshots of the BIOS screen(s). –  Sergey Nov 30 '12 at 1:31

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