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Hey guys I'm having trouble setting up Ubuntu Bonding, following this guide.

My interfaces file looks like this:

auto eth0  
iface eth0 inet manual  
bond-master bond0  

auto eth1  
iface eth1 inet manual  
bond-master bond0  

auto bond0  
auto iface inet static  
bond-mode balance-rr  
bond-miimon 100  
bond-lacp-rate 1  
bond-slaves none

I can ping Google and my external static IP from another computer on another ISP (I assigned it a static one-to-one NAT address with the router and also disabled the router's firewall for troubleshooting). However, from the Ubuntu machine, I can't ping it's gateway (even though it uses it to get to Google lol) and I can't ping any other internal address.

If I comment out the bonding and only use eth0 or eth1 everything works just fine. Any thoughts?

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You have an error in this line:

auto bond0
auto iface inet static

It should be:

auto bond0
iface inet static
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Version 13.04 includes network bonding. Very easy to use and you can select each real network connection that will be part of the virtual (bond) network.

enter image description here

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