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When I open GIMP, I would like it to appear in maximized single-window mode. Is there a way I can do this, either with a shell script or preferences option?

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If yours is Gimp>=2.8.2, which it most likely is in Ubuntu 12.10, You can simply select

Windows > Single Window mode 

and you will get gimp in single window mode the next time.

As for keeping it maximised, install maximus from Ubuntu Software Centre.

sudo apt-get install maximus

Now run


and all the windows you open will be maximised. You can set maximus as an autostart app (the command is simply maximus).

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You might need to perform what inLoveWithPython said earlier, then go to Edit > Preferences > Window Management and uncheck the box that says "save window positions on exit" and click the button that says "save window positions now."

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